Monday, March 13, 2006

The Top Rated Dog Sites

that is the site of the ranking of the web's most popular doggy websites.

the number one spot is taken by

A Yorkie Named Raymond, who is very cute. Yorkies make excellent pets.
My human aunt Janet once had a yorkie, he was adopted as a teacup Yorkie, but strangely grew to weigh 10 lbs. Mocha was super cute. I myself couldn't stand his hyperness though, but mom found him to be a ray of sunshine. I have to admit I envied his optimism and sheer charisma, Mocha was always happy. He was also very cuddly and lovable, not half as picky as I am, but was pretty high maintenance in his own way.

Yorkies are very fun, but very high on the energy and playful level. If anyone is interested in adopting a Yorkie into their lives, try to do have only one pet and have the time to play with and spend time with it. If you have the time and the energy, a Yorkie is definitely one of the best dogs ever.

I just wish Mocha didn't always annoy me, didn't mind him keeping mom happy and snuggling up to her at bedtime though...I personally cannot stand that kind of closeness at bedtime. I perfer my hut. Thank you.