Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bistro Vida

This past November Mom threw me a birthday party at Bistro Vida.
(Yes that is my tres doggy friendly ingredient fifth birthday cake mom ordered just for my birthday.)

Bistro Vida is quite possibly the most dog friendly restaurant in the Bay Area.
It's a French-Californian bistro that is Chien Gentille! (meaning doggy friendly.)
The very friendly and helpful owner, Ali Elsafy, LOVES dogs. (He has two of his own.)
And he allows us canines to not just dine outside on warm days and nights, but also INSIDE this charming bistro as long as we are not too distracting on any night. (I think it also helps if you are quiet, well mannered and not very dirty.)

My birthday is in November, way too cold to be sitting on a patio of a restaurant, but no worries we knew just the place to go! BISTRO VIDA! Ali let mum host my birthday party inside on his large dining table in the back and was also more than happy to provide dishes and a knife for the cake, and even wished me well on my birthday!

Mom, Dad and I tend to have most of our dinners with her mom and her dog Gyzmo and various friends and family at Bistro Vida, since it is a very nice restaurant with that perfect casual french ambience paired with food that is consistently good at featuring French Bistro staples.

As the menu boasts:
"The Bistro is that little neighborhood restaurant where they know who you are, greet you warmly, and serve you satisfying foods that change with the seasons and define regional homey French cuisine."

And it definitely is the most charming and dog friendly french restaurant I've been in, other than in France itself!

If you are ever in the area, you MUST try!!
I'm sure you'll find the food, ambience and service to be delectable too!

641 Santa Cruz Ave
Menlo Park, CA

Lunch 1130-200 pm
Dinner 530-1000 pm Tue-Sun
Brunch 930-300 pm Sat + Sun