Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy for Dingo!

The one treat that I've loved since I was 3 months old and home with mum is without any contest, Dingo. Even my new sister and nephew loves Dingo. Mum ends up finding the remains of Dingo bones everywhere, under blankets, in sofas, pillows and luggage. There are a lot of dog bones and treats out there but this one takes the cake in being the best of both worlds. Hands down.

Dingo Small Bone 6 Pack Value Bag

Mum seems to like that almost any store that sells dog food or pet supplies, be it Petco, Walgreens, Safeway and countless others sells Dingo which makes satisfying my picky tastebuds easy since we can be on the road a lot. I could be wrong, there are probably still some dogs out there that still won't enjoy a Dingo treat like my brother, Gyzmo, but most will and they have a Dingo treat for every size dog you could imagine.

Besides,Gyzmo's becoming a bit of a food snob in his old age of almost 9 human years. (Ok fine, I'm a year older, but who's counting.) This is him below:

Best of all mum just bought a fresh supply through a deal for FREE Shipping on orders of $50 or more at Pet Street Mall that you can enjoy too! Can't wait!!

ps. If your human reads this and gets you some Dingo, or if you've been a Dingo fan for a while too, share the story please!

Monday, February 02, 2009

I hate bugs

Actually, on the subject of hating bugs it's debateable if Mum hates them more than I do. Probably her, since I just sit around sometimes just watching bugs but Mum has a panic attack and tries to find ways to be rid of bugs of any shape and size.

If we're talking about favorites, spiders, mosquitos and fleas are probably our least favorite. Spiders just look scary and some are poisonous AND common, especially in California where we live and while irritating mosquitos are not as commonly fatal unless you have an outbreak of West Nile. FLEAS are MY worst enemy though paws down - they really are such a pest.

A flea jumped on and bit me so much once that mum found all these blood flakes on my back when she went to wash me with flea shampooh and nearly fainted. Apparently, the convenient Frontline medication ended up not being as effective against fleas as Advantage had been just as the Vet's side note on pros and cons warned. So we were left, after 2 anti flea foggings of home, one Advantage application and 2 flea baths later sticking with Advantage for the no flea regime.

On that note, since refilling the Advantage supply can get to be a hassle in SF since mum works late hours - we order ours at this site, where you can save up to 50% when you buy the best flea & tick products at PetCareRx
They truly have the best prices on pet meds and we wanted to share the deal with you too! Trust us...buying specialized preventative flea meds can really save you from having to deal with the incredible amount of effort it takes to get rid of the fleas.

Trust really don't want to be as unhappy as I was and have to hide like I was in my picture. =)

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Top Rated Dog Sites

that is the site of the ranking of the web's most popular doggy websites.

the number one spot is taken by

A Yorkie Named Raymond, who is very cute. Yorkies make excellent pets.
My human aunt Janet once had a yorkie, he was adopted as a teacup Yorkie, but strangely grew to weigh 10 lbs. Mocha was super cute. I myself couldn't stand his hyperness though, but mom found him to be a ray of sunshine. I have to admit I envied his optimism and sheer charisma, Mocha was always happy. He was also very cuddly and lovable, not half as picky as I am, but was pretty high maintenance in his own way.

Yorkies are very fun, but very high on the energy and playful level. If anyone is interested in adopting a Yorkie into their lives, try to do have only one pet and have the time to play with and spend time with it. If you have the time and the energy, a Yorkie is definitely one of the best dogs ever.

I just wish Mocha didn't always annoy me, didn't mind him keeping mom happy and snuggling up to her at bedtime though...I personally cannot stand that kind of closeness at bedtime. I perfer my hut. Thank you.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bistro Vida

This past November Mom threw me a birthday party at Bistro Vida.
(Yes that is my tres doggy friendly ingredient fifth birthday cake mom ordered just for my birthday.)

Bistro Vida is quite possibly the most dog friendly restaurant in the Bay Area.
It's a French-Californian bistro that is Chien Gentille! (meaning doggy friendly.)
The very friendly and helpful owner, Ali Elsafy, LOVES dogs. (He has two of his own.)
And he allows us canines to not just dine outside on warm days and nights, but also INSIDE this charming bistro as long as we are not too distracting on any night. (I think it also helps if you are quiet, well mannered and not very dirty.)

My birthday is in November, way too cold to be sitting on a patio of a restaurant, but no worries we knew just the place to go! BISTRO VIDA! Ali let mum host my birthday party inside on his large dining table in the back and was also more than happy to provide dishes and a knife for the cake, and even wished me well on my birthday!

Mom, Dad and I tend to have most of our dinners with her mom and her dog Gyzmo and various friends and family at Bistro Vida, since it is a very nice restaurant with that perfect casual french ambience paired with food that is consistently good at featuring French Bistro staples.

As the menu boasts:
"The Bistro is that little neighborhood restaurant where they know who you are, greet you warmly, and serve you satisfying foods that change with the seasons and define regional homey French cuisine."

And it definitely is the most charming and dog friendly french restaurant I've been in, other than in France itself!

If you are ever in the area, you MUST try!!
I'm sure you'll find the food, ambience and service to be delectable too!

641 Santa Cruz Ave
Menlo Park, CA

Lunch 1130-200 pm
Dinner 530-1000 pm Tue-Sun
Brunch 930-300 pm Sat + Sun

Saturday, January 28, 2006

do dogs really need sweaters

Asked and answered

January 25, 2006



It is more than a fashion statement. Some dogs may actually need to wear a sweater in the cold. (TONY CENICOLA/New York Times)

QUESTION: Do dogs really need to wear sweaters?

ANSWER: Some dogs might. Your canine friends may come equipped with warm winter coats, but that doesn't mean they're prepared for extreme weather. When it gets too cold for people to be outside, pets should be brought indoors.

Some dog breeds, such as huskies, love the cold weather, and their thick coats keep them protected. But small or short-haired dogs might need a sweater when going out.

For dogs that spend a lot of time outside, feed them more during the winter and make sure their water bowls aren't iced over.

Dogs also need a comfortable, three-sided shelter with a warm floor covering such as a blanket or hay. The shelter should be small enough to retain the animal's body heat, and the entrance should face away from the wind.

Always wipe your pet's paws off after a walk. Road salt and sand can irritate their paw pads, and ice can get lodged between the pads, causing frostbite or cuts.

If there are cats in your neighborhood, always check your vehicle before starting it. Cats often crawl underneath vehicles for shelter or climb up near the engine to get warm.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Designer Toys

Last week mom and i went to spend the day in Berkeley.

And found ourselves visiting one of my favorite pet boutique chains in the North Bay:


  • (We'll be writing about George in detail tomorrow)

    And she got me my very own Eiffel Tower!! It's so cute and chic! I had no idea I'd like it so much!

    And today she went to the George on Fillmore and also got me a chewy vouitton in small!!

    I LOVE them! I can't stop playing with and hogging my new toys!!

    We weren't ever too big on designer things, but these two are just WAY too cute so mom got them for me. What can I say, Shampooh is a princess. I like the finer things in life.

    Plus mom is throwing away all of my bigger toys, since I have too many toys now, so these two were the perfect tiny size and are perfect for travelling.

    The best part is that they're deliciously squeaky and perfect fun for fetch around the house!

    I am such a happy Peke.
    Maybe you'd like one or both of these posh toys too.

    We searched on George's web site, but they aren't selling it there.
    So in case you want to get one too, we hunted it down at:

  • Designer Luxury Dog Pet Toys @ Happy Tails Pet Boutique

  • They have a whole slew of luxury goods to choose from!

    The funniest one we saw is definitley the I-Paw:

    Naturally since everyone has an iPod.
    Arf! Isn't it a riot? ` . ~

    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Human Busy-ness


    Mom has a big day tomorrow.

    Doesn't it suck when our humans are really busy?

    Time feels like it goes by so slow.

    At least mom made time to give me some boiled chicken and treats and let me sit with her while she researched.

    Don't you hate it when your humans are busy too? I hate it more when they are busy AND not at home. What about you?