Sunday, January 22, 2006

Designer Toys

Last week mom and i went to spend the day in Berkeley.

And found ourselves visiting one of my favorite pet boutique chains in the North Bay:


  • (We'll be writing about George in detail tomorrow)

    And she got me my very own Eiffel Tower!! It's so cute and chic! I had no idea I'd like it so much!

    And today she went to the George on Fillmore and also got me a chewy vouitton in small!!

    I LOVE them! I can't stop playing with and hogging my new toys!!

    We weren't ever too big on designer things, but these two are just WAY too cute so mom got them for me. What can I say, Shampooh is a princess. I like the finer things in life.

    Plus mom is throwing away all of my bigger toys, since I have too many toys now, so these two were the perfect tiny size and are perfect for travelling.

    The best part is that they're deliciously squeaky and perfect fun for fetch around the house!

    I am such a happy Peke.
    Maybe you'd like one or both of these posh toys too.

    We searched on George's web site, but they aren't selling it there.
    So in case you want to get one too, we hunted it down at:

  • Designer Luxury Dog Pet Toys @ Happy Tails Pet Boutique

  • They have a whole slew of luxury goods to choose from!

    The funniest one we saw is definitley the I-Paw:

    Naturally since everyone has an iPod.
    Arf! Isn't it a riot? ` . ~


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