Thursday, January 19, 2006

Boomerang Tags' CollarTags

Nowadays you can go to Petco or Petsmart and get a very decent pet ID tag in about 5 minutes. Which is the ultimate in convenience and security.

BUT for the ultimate sense of security and style, I feel that Boomerang Tags' CollarTag slide on tags and built in tag collars are the best of all worlds when it comes to our pesky pet ID's.

The slide on tag comes in many different sizes, with different thicknesses so you can find the one that works for you and with your existing collar. And best of all, it just sits on the collar, and doesn't hang down and cause that irritating jingle AND your mom and dad can get peace of mind knowing that the collar isn't going to come loose or fall off or get chewed to bits...yes I know there are other dogs out there that also enjoy the taste of metal. (If only I could just...get to it.) Plus it will be so nice to not have our tags fall into our food dish and get in the way every time we go to grab some chow out of the bowl!!

But even cooler is the option of ordering a customized built in collar! Both styles are made with nylon and are soft and not too heavy..which is especially good for us smaller breeds with delicate necks, and it looks tres chic!

Best of all you can also pick between an adjustable collar with plastic buckles. (Perfect for the growing puppy.) And the standard collar with the metal buckle. (As pictured here, which honestly is the most secure in terms of durability.)

The prices aren't too shabby for the kind of quality and durability that these beauties offer either. Plus the site is completely user friendly. Boomerang Tags even keeps the traveling dog in mind, and offers the idea of getting an extra slide on tag, in case you are a dog lucky enough to have more than one loving family to call home, so you can either switch tags for every occasion or add the extra one just in case!

Mom just ordered me a collar and an extra slip on tag, for those visits at Grandma's house. And I can't wait to get it in the mail, no more annoying tags, just a fully functional one! I'm sure it's going to be the perfect tag and if not, there's always the no quibble policy...

I'll be sure to let you know when it comes, and share my thoughts on my newest ID. And who knows maybe your mom or dad will get you one too!

And just in case, here's the link:
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    kiraness said...

    i just got a cat and i love him without a collar and jingly tags. i know he should (and will) wear a collar but i found boomerang on the web and your review and i'm most likely going to order one. it's either that or microchipping (no collar!) but not many people know about that and might think he's a stray.